My office is connected directly to UCSF and Stanford Doctors' Portal. This allows us to easily make referrals and communicate directly with their specialists.
I can closely monitor my patients who receive care at those medical centers.

I am happy to see Children through Seniors


Minor Surgery including Vasectomy

Skin Problems

Routine Gynecology

Sigmoidoscopy for colon cancer screening

Interest in Chronic Fatigue and Chronic Infections such as Lyme Diseae

Addiction Issues-Suboxone licensed

Home Visits: when necessary

Electrocardiography and basic ultrasound available on site

I offer advanced cardiac blood testing, through Boston Heart and Quest Laboratory Services and Ryan Ranch Center for Advanced Imaging (Seaside, CA).
This testing can detect persons with high risk for heart disease and stroke, often before detectable with cardiac stress testing, using newly recognized blood markers and genetic testing.

I encourage you to contact me through registration with www.patientfusion.com . This allows secure encrypted. HIPPA compliant email communication with me, prescription renewals, and general medical advice. Patient fusion allows you to schedule your own appointments, if you wish, even when the office is closed.

You can also request a online video conference if you have access to a computer with a webcam and use either gmail plus, or Skype. There is a fee for these visits, which is sometimes covered by insurance. If you wish to schedule such a visit please  contact my office by phone.